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I'm not sure if I'm most happy when I'm comfortable and content or when I'm pushing myself to the limits. There are such different versions of happy, and I really appreciate both.”


Kristen Stewart for Obsession Magazine, September 2014

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"I think that after Twilight and Snow White, that where huge films, I didn’t want to run to the next blockbuster. People who have known two huge successes think that it’s their thing now: Make successful blockbusters and surf on that wave. I came down from this huge wave and I told myself that I would shelter myself a little bit. That I would come back later. It was a good thing in the end. I needed time for myself. To come back to my own life. To stay home, surrounded by my own mess, to play the guitar and write." ― Kristen Stewart for Vanity Fair France

I try to not let it have an affect on me and to preserve my real life. People think they know everything about me. But fuck, who knows the truth? No one.
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Kristen Stewart  for Vanity Fair France September 2014

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